About Us

Being healthy is not about wearing a size 2, running a marathon, or being a ripped body builder.  It is about making changes to your lifestyle that will nourish the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional areas of your life.

Our lives have gotten so busy that taking the time to eat, exercise, love, and enjoy our life has been replaced with overworking, monumental stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep, causing a myriad of other physical conditions.  That is where my job as a yoga teacher and health coach comes into play.

After a great career spanning over 30 years in the court reporting field, I am excited to be following my dreams by working with busy professionals and supermoms to make work and home life easier, lighter, and less hectic.  Contact me to schedule a private yoga discovery session or to begin 1-on-1 individual health counseling sessions. Or you can keep in contact for my online group classes.  I am passionate about your health!

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